Wedding Photographer Christchurch and Canterbury Region.

It is a well-known fact that Garry Walls is one of the most experienced respected and professional wedding photographers in Christchurch and the Canterbury region.

After decades of providing wedding photography in Christchurch, and the wider Canterbury region it is a true testament to Garry's excellent photography and great people skills, that he has on numerous occasions been invited to photograph many of his original client's children's weddings.

It is extremely important to work with a professional photographer in order to capture the incredible moments on your special day.

In this unregulated wedding industry, all and sundry can buy a camera create a business card and bestow upon themselves the title wedding photographer.

Over the years many distraught brides have contacted us pleading for us to salvage their wedding photographs which they acknowledge is a direct result of using the services of an amateur wedding photographer.

The sad reality of this situation is the damage is done no solution can be offered to amend this devastating situation.

Choose wisely when selecting your wedding photographer otherwise, there will be tears.

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